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he Gender Program of Central Ohio was established in 1979, following ad hoc efforts to meet the needs of gender variant people starting in 1975. The GPCO serves the needs of individuals who may identify as intersexual, transgender, genderqueer, gender questioning, crossdresser as well as transsexual.
The GPCO is dedicated to a non-dogmatic approach and it strives to tailor its services to the individual circumstances, respecting each person's unique condition while at the same time adhering to the treatment guidelines known as the International Standards of Care (SOC) set forth by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health. This makes it easier for GPCO members aiming for full transition, to access needed specialists throughout the United States and abroad so as to have the widest range of choices for the treatment each individual may seek.

In addition to direct counseling and guidance, the GPCO, upon a transitioning person's request, makes calls or writes letters to family members, employers, attorneys and co-workers, as well as to physicians for hormone treatment and, ultimately, to surgeons for sexual reassignment surgery (SRS); preferably referred to as Gender Affirmation Surgery (GAS).

Updated January 2009