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Group Meetings
- in transition
- post-transition
- family/friends

ndividual counseling and consultation for the transgender, the intersexed, and their family and loved ones, on issues of crossdressing, transsexuality, and intersexuality. Also counseling for depression, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, and problems with work, family, and relationships.

Transitioning person's therapy / support group: "in transition"
(monthly, GPCO participants only)

Open to persons exploring F-to-M or M-to-F transitioning. Explore feasibility of transitioning, receive support and help. Facilitate movement towards SRS for those driven to that option.

Contact: crane@genderprogram.com 614-451-0111

Transitioned persons' support group: "post-transition"
(arranged occasionally)

A psycho-educational and problem-solving approach to the ongoing concerns of life: from workplace issues to relationships, sexual function, intimacy, and others.

This group is open to pre-, post-, and non-op. persons who have "graduated" from the GPCO or from other programs (subject to approval).

Contact: crane@genderprogram.com 614-451-0111

Support group for family & friends: "family/friends"
(arranged occasionally)

Transitioning Together Columbus, Ohio

Trans Family Cleveland, Ohio

To discuss attending please contact the group or organization directly on their website.

Updated January 2009