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What is it
Who is it for?
How it works
A word of caution

ersons interested in participating in the GPCO are asked to review the materials on this site carefully before contacting the program.
It is important for you to decide whether you are completely prepared to examine your gender issues. We take our commitment to help you expore your "univited dilemma" very seriously and expect honesty and responsibility in return.

Your options are many. To mention some, you may

  • Schedule individual meeting to explore your thoughts, feelings and experiences, before deciding on a long term plan;
  • Pursue counseling as needed and pursue transition including hormone therapy and affirmation / reassignment surgery;
  • Reach peace by simply dressing full or part time in the gender you feel you belong without any medical interventions;
  • Schedule counseling sessions for help in post-transition issues;
  • Put off the pursuit for the time being or forever.
It is not uncommon for people to start the program but then quit one or more times -- often coming back and having worked through doubts, or personal family dynamics.

We encourage and welcome all such processing: needlness to say, we want you to confront all of your issues sooner rather than later.

Updated January 2009